Wednesday, December 3, 2008

such a lazy, lazy day ...

Today I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in, and I woke up at noon! I wasn't feeling so great, so I dragged myself out to the living room, plopped down on the sofa, flipped on the radio and stayed there for a good 4 hours, listening to Christmas music on the radio and talking with my cat. Then I watched Take Home Chef on television .... I loooove that show! Today he made lobster for one couple and and filet mignon for the other couple, and the desserts were flamboyant strawberries (aka strawberries on fire) and some fancy schmancy caramel cake that looked delicious. I was totally inspired to cook, but I really wasn't feeling up to it so I ate grilled cheese instead.

I finished my evening watching Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (such a fabulous movie! I love it, and I love that I know it by heart so I was able to say the lines before the characters could. *lol* I swear, the little things in life amuse me most). I must have been PMS-ing more than I thought I was, because I sobbed at the end of the movie when Kevin gets reunited with his mom. {Can I say that on a public blog? PMS-ing? Is that inappropriate? Ooops}

Then I watched the end of the Rudolph movie and realized that it's actually totally inappropriate for children. I mean really ... hitting the scary snowman monster over the head with a ball of ice? That's just asking to be duplicated on a school playground somewhere ... just sayin' ....

I spent the rest of my evening surfing the net and reading a bunch of blogs I haven't read in awhile, and I've decided that I absolutely NEED to get my hands on this paper by Cosmo Cricket:

I also decided that I want to go to Maine right this second. I miss my beach town. I wanna go shopping for wood-mounted stamps at Maine-ly Stamps and eat the "mile high meatloaf" at Bessie's and walk along the beach (yes, I realize it's freezing but that's irrelevant). I think I am going to make a countdown calendar, counting down the number of days until my week at the beach.

Ohhhh and I also decided that I am seriously ready to get married. *sigh* Yet another one of my lovely friends (Mila) just got engaged and she'll be getting married and moving to Casablanca ... yes, CASABLANCA ... to be with her hubby. I'm extremely happy for her but I have to admit, I'm getting a tad bit impatient. I mean come'on Lord, when is it going to be my turn already? If any of you ladies know a nice, single Christian guy and want to play matchmaker ... *pick me! pick me!*

Well, that's it for tonight.

Love to you all. xoxo


sarah said...

i love take home chef too! i need him to come into my home and make me dinner. haha!!

and that pic of rudolph makes me want to bust out my old school vhs so i can watch it. hehe.


Melody said...

Days spent sleeping in can definately be a good thing. As hard as you've been working with your classes lately, I'm sure this day was well deserved. I hope you are feeling much better now.

Your time will come dear. God has an amazing man prepared who's waiting for you too. Keep holding on.