Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's on my iPod these days ....

Priscilla Ahn. Ingrid Michaelson. Amy Winehouse. Third Day. Landon Pigg. Oh, and of course Neil Diamond. Who doesn't love to sing along to Sweet Caroline?! "Sweeeeet Carooooline ... lalala ... good times never felt so good ..."

Anyway, the challenge over at Category Stories was to make a layout about your playlist. My playlist contains all of the artists listed above (and many others too, of course) for one simple reason: I love their lyrics. OK, so maybe Amy Winehouse's songs aren't the most inspiring, but all the other artists on my playlist are incredibly poetic and their songs really make me stop and think. Here's the page I came up with to pay tribute to my favorite singer-songwriters:

I think I'll go listen to some music right now. :o]

XoXo Stephanie

1 comment:

Lee said...

cool page!! totally love your playlist too.
THANKS FOR JOINING IN the category stories challenge!!!
Lee :)